Since its formation in December 1996, Swift Water Resources Engineering, LLC (SWRE), has been responsible for work on hundreds of projects for the City of Tulsa Public Works Department, for the Tulsa District Corps of Engineers, for private individuals or corporations and as a sub-consultant for other engineering firms.  

The projects for the City of Tulsa required a specialization in hydrology and hydraulics and included study work as well as the preparation of plans, special specifications and bid documents.  SWRE has successfully applied for and been granted many CLOMR/LOMRs for the City of Tulsa and LOMRs for private clients.  To obtain these LOMRs, we have forged a good working relationship with FEMA and their review consultant.  Typical LOMR submittals include a narrative report, floodway data table, water surface profiles, digital floodplain maps, FEMA MT-2 Forms, correspondence, public notifications, and the hydrologic and hydraulic models themselves.  We have expertise in the hydrology and hydraulic analysis programs by the Corps of Engineers Hydrologic Engineering Center (HEC-HMS, HEC-RAS as well as HEC-1 and HEC-2).  Our modeling expertise includes rural and fully urbanized watersheds.  We work daily with FEMA Flood Insurance Rate Maps, Regulatory Floodplain Maps and Master Drainage Plans.  All floodplain maps are developed from base topo and aerial maps, and are therefore spatially rectified.  Our experience also includes ArcView GIS and its application with RAS and HMS.

As a sub-consultant to other engineering firms, SWRE has been responsible for a wide variety of elements to the overall projects.  These elements included the hydraulic design of storm water handling facilities, detention ponds, improved channels, reinforced box culverts, bridge structures, and storm sewer systems.  The Centennial Park Detention Pond in urban downtown Tulsa is a prime example since it involved a regional detention pond in an urban setting, the design of inlet and outlet structures which are hidden from view but perform the hydraulic function, storm sewer system analysis, and a “natural” creek section with re-circulating water.

Prior to December 1996, Mark S. Swift, PE, President of SWRE, gained a wide range of personal and professional experience while a principal of Swift & Guy Engineers, Inc., where he served as Principal in Charge and Project Engineer on numerous projects.  This experience includes: residential street repair and rehabilitation; storm sewer repair and upgrading projects; preparation of plans, specifications, and bid documents; bridge and roadway design; and hydrologic engineering studies.

Angela M. Swift, CPA fulfills administrative responsibilities for the company as its CEO and Member Manager